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  Employer  1. info example  
  Title  2.info example
Normal / VIP status  2a. info
Registration date  3.info   Today [yyyy-mm-dd]
   Deadline  4.info example   day(s) from 5 to 90
Employer's logo  5.info   Image validator (JPG, GIF max. S:200Kb, W:200px, H:200px)
  Duty station  6.info example
Address  7.info example
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Fax  10.info example
  E-mail for CV  11.info example   Confirm e-mail 
  E-mail status  12.info
  E-mail subject  13.info
Employer's web site  14.info example
Salary  15.info example
Schedule  16.info
  Information  17.info example minimum of 10, maximum of 7000 symbols (>< http is not considered)
Job's objective  18.info example
Main duties / requirements  19.info example
Job's qualification /
20.info example
Employer's profile  21.info example
Note  22.info example