- You can advertise your resume on this site in Georgian and English languages.
- Insertion of resume costs 15 GEL in a year, 25 GEL in 2 year.
- You pay only one resume's price and put it in both Georgian and English languages.
- On the web site the following organizations and companies look resumes.
- Approximately 45,000 Internet consumers visit our site in a month (Internet consumers, representatives of companies, etc).
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- You can transfer money from following banks: TBC Bank ProCredit Bank United Georgian Bank Bank of Georgia Peoples Bank Cartu Bank Bank Republic Standard Bank Invest Bank Tao Bank TbilBusinessBank.
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- You can also send your resume on this e-mail and we will add it by ourselves.
- The service is not free. If you are not going to make payment for resume, please don't place it on the web site.

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